Brilliant Ray English School has been operating for more than a decade with a never-fading vision. The tenacity to face challenges, the drive to soar and empower the student mind to face the challenges of the world, Brilliant Ray English School exudes. Today we are proud to be recognized as one of the leading schools in the region.

Since its inception in 2011, Brilliant Ray English School has continuously nurtured the latent talent and curiosity of every child. and nurtures them to become conscientious citizens of the world. Brilliant Ray English School provides a progressive and dynamic learning environment through thought and activity, and imparts the necessary education to students to meet new challenges to enhance their existing personal skills and sensitize the child to the underprivileged sections of the society.

This long journey of more than 12 years has not only been eventful, but alumni certainly vouch for this. Brilliant Ray English School believes that the alumni of an institution are a reflection of its past, a representation of its present and a link to its future.

Education outside the classroom has been a success story so far for both students and teachers, along with brain and heart development. We stand and act with the principles of education that support the school motto, 'Truth, Determination and Perseverance', which is inculcated head, heart, skills in feet to better reflect the holistic development of every student in our care:

  • Becomes a responsible, disciplined and dynamic student.
  • Compassionate personality is formed with passion to serve.
  • Confidence, integrity, adaptability and ready for new challenges ahead.

We always believe that to make education attractive, it requires teamwork involving the child, parents, teachers and the society. We are fortunate to have met with responsive and encouraging parents and well-wishers who have helped us in raising a child through constructive criticism and goodwill. We are ready to face all the challenges of the 21st century and are aware of the latest technological innovations to enhance education. We will continue our journey with the continued support of every member of the society.

Ashvin N. Katariya
Managing Trustee



Our motto is to strike a good balance between academic and extra - curricular activities.


To provide a safe and home like atmosphere for children. To teach students the important values of life like honesty, humility and humanity. To teach children to respect parents, teachers and all elders. To instill cultural values and patriotism. To dream big and strive to achieve their highest potential. "Success comes to those who work those, who don't rest on the laurels of the past."

Each school has its own ethos, traditions and identify. BRILLIANT RAY ENGLISH SCHOOL - DHARI foresters an atmosphere of truth, love and respect for each Student as the basis for sound education. School years are crucial for the development of good habits and character which are the building blocks of excellence. The habit of student. The love of learning and the quest for success, the responsible use of freedom. Personal integrity and willingness for help to impress for help to improve society are especially important. These tools are essential to empower the student to become an excellent professional and a mature and responsible citizen.

Education outside the classroom has been a success story so far for both students and teachers, along with brain and heart development. We stand and act with the principles of education that support the school motto, 'Truth, Determination and Perseverance', which is inculcated head, heart, skills in feet to better reflect the holistic development of every student in our care:


Time is the true wealth. Following this motto, it is our goal that students understand the importance of time.


It is our aim that students who follow this slogan understand the importance of time, time is the true wealth. Prayer makes the atmosphere of the school seem heavenly Discipline is very important in that too, so first of all the students start the prayer by giving a command and a good thought makes our whole day fresh, so good thought is spoken in the prayer every day. Students say five new words daily in prayer to increase our vocabulary. News is spoken daily to know what is going on in the world In order to increase the general knowledge of the students, daily gk questions are asked based on the standard, to motivate the students, the teacher's speech is given every day. Indeed, no one can describe the greatness of Sri Madbhagavata Gita because it is a very mysterious book, in which the essence of the Vedas has been combined. A person who has got Gita in him, in his body as well as in all the senses and their actions, is the embodiment of the real Gita. God has said such an incomparable scripture in the form of Srimat Bhagwat Gita, in which not a single word is without good advice. Shlokas of Geetaji are chanted daily in Prathana to see how the verses of Gita are useful in life. Ramayana is a historical text of Indian culture Ramayana has a great influence on the lifestyle, social life and family institutions of Indian people. Father son relationship, brother brother relationship, husband wife relationship, friendship ideal king etc. sacred relationships etc. have a great influence from Vidya o learn to develop such ideal relationships only our respected trustee himself gives discourses about Ramayana every Monday.


Discipline means self-governance. Education and discipline are complementary to each other. If a child learns to live according to rules from an early age, the child will grow up to be a successful person. In our school, not only education, but discipline is fully followed. Walking on the left side, giving respect to teachers. A loving relationship between students, walking in line, keeping a distance of one hand, how to behave with elders with modesty, discretion, why to control oneself with understanding in every situation that comes in life, according to the situation through the knowledge and understanding power that one has. Everything is taught how to behave.


Which activity in the whole year when is exam or holiday list event celebration picnic, field trip, working days , cbct, HW, teacher picnic, prayer shedual, class & house board decoration topic, house wise student, house in charge, teacher's time table, teacher's duty, notebook list, text book list, color list, activity annual planning requirements, vacation date, vacation re-open date, parents meeting, tilak-ceremony type of department head, reception duty, admin duty, different type of award, middle certificate birthday wish list Shreemad Bagvat shoka practice, planning how and when to explain Ramayana, planning different types of competition planning, extra lecture planning, and also how to work in digital software is carefully planned.


Many factors play a role in our life, the important factor is the creativity of the students, to bring out that our organization holds class & house notice board decoration competition, the students learn new things by writing, drawing, crafting in different ways. This competition runs for the whole year and a trophy pn is given by giving the last ma rank, in which the topic is given to the housewise students on account of the festivals and the students decorate on that topic only.


HW cbct chart & time table to make students regular in hw and cbct, hw, chart and cbct chart are given to teachers from the beginning of the year. All hw and cbct marks are recorded in it, which day is HW, the time table and cbct date pan of the whole year are given to the students and teachers at the beginning of the year. can plan


The time table of all j teachers is made from the beginning of the year from the account of the subjects. Subjects are given to all the teachers by looking at their qualification, experience, and so that all get the same free lecture, it is organized by the system. Optional subjects like cursive, table, sports, art & craft, gk, computer are also given in teachers time table. So that the students develop individually.


C- close
B- book
C- chapter
T- test

All subjects and all chapters are taken from the account of test planning so that students do not need to revise in the exam. They can give the exam well without tension.


formative assessment (fa) is assessment that happens throughout each term. it allows scope for use in a diagnostic and remedial manner. summative assessment at the end of every term.


An oral exam is conducted to check the full strength of the student through the oral exam we can check the aptitude of the student.


Each and Every Student has Different Skills and Competences. Students may face endless problems while doing projects but only continuous study and practice can help them to solve these problems as in real life situations where uncertainty is unavoidable. A student can learn all the knowledge from a subject but what matters is how he applies that knowledge. So that our school students can face all the difficulties easily, project base exam is also taken.



"कसौटी कसती है, कसौटी कोशने के लिए नहीं होती।"

That is, the exam gives the student the ability to fight with the future, only through the exam can the potential within the child be known. And our joint effort is very necessary to bring out the potential in children. That's why we take SA-1 written exam.


The purpose of PUZZLE BASE EXAM is that students can find the solution to any difficult situation without getting into trouble. The contribution of PUZZLE is important in the overall development of any language and its literature. By giving PUZZLE BASE EXAM he can solve any problem quickly. This type consists of questions in which certain items belonging to different groups or possessing different qualities are given below along with some clues with the help of which the candidate is to analyze the given items and answer the questions accordingly.


There are a lot of benefits to gain from using an assignment as an assessment method.assignment can for instance be used to test higher cognitive abilities and the application of specific skills or knowledge it can mirror the future professional practice.it can be used to assess the integration of knowledge skills and attitudes. Assignment base exam is very important to test the talent and creativity of the students.


This is the best way to test the knowledge of the students. This test inspires healthy competition among the students. This test tests the ability of the students to express themselves in writing. This test tests reading, collecting ideas, analyzing ideas, organizing ideas. And the speed to express it in appropriate language and order is the best means of assessing the ability of writing etc.


In brilliant Ray English school Dhari, all the students are divided into different houses at the beginning of the year, green house, blue house, red house, yellow house. Teacher's are made in charge of these 4 houses, all the competitions, activities, house board decoration are done house wise with the suggestion of the teachers, at the end of the year certificate, medal & trophy are also given to the winning student. For that, the tie of the same color is given to the students of that house. Captain wise captain of all the four houses is made. All the houses are given a flag according to the color of their house.


Green color is a symbol of happiness, prosperity and progress. Green color is a festive color that represents the greenery of all India.


Above we have the sky of blue color, the color of the sea and Sarita in the lower universe is also light blue. According to psychology, blue color is a symbol of strength, masculinity and heroism.


Red color is a symbol of Mars and prowess red color aapna makes the body healthy and mind happy Red color is to reveal happiness, prosperity, wealth and immense wealth and prosperity.


Yellow color itself is a symbol of Lord Vishnu. Yellow color is a symbol of knowledge, learning, happiness, peace, learning, skill, competence, concentration. Yellow color creates new healthy thoughts in the mind. For this our school has given the names of these four houses.


The working days of the next year are decided in the summer vacation itself. Working days na calculation, how much time to complete the syllabus, when to hold the exam and the total planning of the year is done in the vacation.


Holiday list of the whole year is available only in summer vacation.


At the beginning of the year, which activity is to be taken on Saturday, which material will be needed. It is decided in advance so that students or parents know everything in advace.


Brilliant Ray English Medium School These are four important events.


Don't you think that the time you spend with your grandparents is one of the most memorable moments in your life? Grandparents play a very important role in making childhood happy. Children who live with their grandparents have an understanding and a special kind of sense. Such children are always happy and sociable and share things with each other. At this time, all these things are forgotten. Our organization organizes grand parents' day once a year for honoring them. Grandparents are welcomed by giving bouquets. In this function, grandparents are very happy with their grandson's dance joy. Innovative games are organized to remind grandparents of their own childhood. With great love, every time innovative games are organized to remind grandparents of their childhood. Every time with great love, grandparents participate in these games. And they are also given gifts from our organization. Games like balloon blasting, musical chair, song identified are organized. And after this function is also asked how was his experience, he was very happy and brought tears of happiness in his eyes. Filled with heart, he blesses and departs from here.


For a successful person he should be mentally and physically healthy. Mental development starts from our school days. But exercise is necessary for physical development which we get through sports, sports keep the body healthy and fit and active so our organization organizes sports day every time depending on the standard different games are organized before the semifinal is played. Then the final game is played, the game is also organized for the parents. And the parents are also given a shield. In the sports final, the first students are made to warm up and perform the oath ceremony, after that the game is started after paring. Award ceremony is also done.


Exibition set the expectation that all students, not just a select group,are capable of producing high quality work and will share that work with people beyond their classroom . They motivate all students to do their best,so they can stand proudly beside their work. An exhibition is held in our institution to train the students and to know through experience how the wonderful miracles of culture, air, water, electricity, light etc. are useful to human beings. Class wise rank ane trophy pan Are given.


Many festivals are celebrated in our school every year. But the importance of annual day is the highest. All the students of our school participate in the annual day ma. They do different types of dance like skating, ghoomar, army, kathakali, manipuri, satthiya, kathak, kuchipudi, odisai. Karate, drama, mime, yoga, prayer, Ganesh. includes vandna etc. annual day ne is given a different name every year. Preparations are made 15 days in advance. That time is also allocated without wasting any lecture. Different types of awards are given in it. Students also get a chance to do clsswise anchoring. On account of dance, students are given the same costume, teachers are also given the same sari, parents are also given a dress code. Every year, the annual day is celebrated with a different theme. The invited guests, parents and food are also arranged for all the people. is also done.


All festivals have a hidden message of change, the aim of which is to renew the thoughts of the human race and create a sense of dedication to the society and the nation. Festivals are associated with mythology and Puranas. We celebrate festivals to keep our culture alive. India is also called a country of festivals because people of all religions live in this country. So every month there are some festivals. Scenery of India It is a happy goal in India that women and men of every religion celebrate the festivals of other communities with joy and happiness. Thus, to strengthen national integration, students are taught the importance of celebrating festivals in school itself.

Dipti H. Patel

Where to Find Us


Nr. Yogiji Maharaj Mahila college,
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